Rochester Regional Stadium and Bubble

Photo courtesy of Joseph Kollar
Photo courtesy of Joseph Kollar

The Rochester Regional Stadium is currently closed for rentals due to the delay in taking the dome down. To complete the dome take down we need 50-60 people and the current crew the we use for this process are still under work restrictions.

Questions may be directed to the Sports Facilities Director, Michael Sheggeby at 507.285.7565 or

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience during these unique times. 

For reservations contact:

Michael Sheggeby
Director of Sports Facilities


Mark Lawstuen
Lead Site Coordinator


Usage, rates and all policies and procedures will be reviewed upon the completion of each year of operation. Adjustments may/will be made as needed on an annual basis to ensure the facility runs in a manner that best serves the community.


Bubble timeline for Setup/Takedown:

Tentative Set-up - Second or Third Week of November
Tentative Takedown - Second or Third Week of April


Bubble at Night

Dome Booking Policy


  1. Booking of Tournaments (all day: 6:00am-10:00pm, entire complex). Bookings taken in order of notification to Director of Sports Facilities or Lead Site Coordinator. Current customers only, new customers can book tournaments when open to general public.
  2. Priority System (Based on final paid hours from previous year, determined from report run at end of fiscal year, June 30th).

                      1 - choice of hours up to 100hrs               

                      2 - choice of hours up to 100hrs

                      3 - choice of hours up to 100hrs

                      … - choice of hours up to 100hrs

                          then go back to 1

  1. After all rounds are completed bookings will open to general public and new customers 


Stadium Rental Rates


Hourly Rate

Flat Rate

Football Game (per game)



Other Games, Practices & Events



Locker Room 1 (per event) (204)



Locker Room 2 (per event) (206)



Locker Room 3 (per event) (209)



Locker Room 4 (per event) (210)




Dome Rental Rates


Hourly Rate

Flat Rate




6:00am-5:00pm Monday - Friday (Full)



6:00am-5:00pm Monday - Friday (Half)



10:00pm-6:00am Monday through Friday (Full)



November, December & April



5:00pm-10:00pm Monday - Friday & Weekends (Full)



5:00pm-10:00pm Monday - Friday & Weekends (Half)



 January, February & March



5:00pm-10:00pm Monday - Friday & Weekends (Full)



5:00pm-10:00pm Monday - Friday & Weekend (Half)



Dome Discount Structure (Based on Previous year final paid hours)


100-199 hours (Full)



100-199 hours (Half)



200 + hours (Full)



200 + hours (Half)



Full Day



Full day entire complex (6:00am-10:00pm)




Stadium & Dome Additional Fees


Hourly Rate

Flat Rate

North Batting Cage (East)



North Batting Cage (West)



Fence setup & take down-if not done by renter



Facilities setup/tear down (per hour)



Facilities/IT Overtime (per hour)



Clean-up fee (if not cleaned by renter)



Food, Sunflower Seeds or Peanuts on Turf Violation (1st)



Food, Sunflower Seeds or Peanuts on Turf Violation (2nd)




Sales Tax Rate - Rochester, MN

MN State Sales Tax


Rochester City Sales Tax


Olmsted County Transit Sales Tax


Total Tax Rate


Key Facts:

  • It was funded by the City of Rochester and RCTC for usage by all people in the area.
  • Uncovered stadium seating capacity is 5000
  • The Bubble capacity is 1080
  • Complex will be available as a full field (260’ x 400’) or half fields (260’ x 200’).
  • The Bubble is open for reservations from 6am-10:00pm seven days a week

Rochester Regional Stadium/Dome Policies 

·         It is the responsibility of all renters and guests to the campus to be familiar with and adhere to all College policies and procedures.

·         No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products allowed in the Rochester Regional Stadium/Dome or anywhere on RCTC Campus grounds. Violators will be asked to leave the premises. If they refuse the Police will be summoned.

·         Only Turf Shoes or Molded Rubber Cleats allowed on turf (NO METAL CLEATS)

·         NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS OR PEANUTS ALLOWED IN THE DOME OR ON THE TURF. ANY VIOLATORS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE PREMISESTeams that violate this will be fined $250 for first offense and $500 second.

·         NO PETS allowed inside Rochester Regional Stadium/Dome. 

·         No group may enter without a coach or adult supervision.

·         Doors will open at least 15 minutes prior to the first rental of the day.

·         Rentals are only allowed on the field once their rental period begins and must exit the field immediately at rental end time.

·         Rentals are only allowed usage in areas that are rented and are subject to additional fees for usage outside booking areas.

·         Warm up areas are not provided unless you rent it, so please respect others and stay out of the area until it is your time

·         All nets used by renters must be returned to their original position prior to the end of their rental time

·         Prior to the end of the rental period all equipment must be returned to original place, all garbage must be thrown away, and everyone must clear the field for the next group.

·         All refuse including food, wrappers, bottles, etc.; must be picked up and thrown in proper containers. If staff needs to pick up after a group, a minimum of $150 clean up fee will be charged to that renter.

·         Fighting or any other form of violence is strictly forbidden. Violators will be asked to leave, and the Campus Security & Police will be summoned.

·         All renters must cooperate in using the field in a timely manner according to their rental agreement. Any equipment, cones, etc; must be picked up or moved back to their original place before your rental time expires. Any abuse of rental time will be charged.

·         There will be limited concession sales and all sales will be done by the RCTC’s Food Vendor.

·         Respect the Dome itself. Do not kick soccer balls, throw lacrosse balls, or any objects onto the walls of the dome, only into the appropriate nets. Failure to use the dome or any equipment in the dome properly will result in a dismissal from the dome.

·         Each team/rental group must provide their own First Aid Kit.

·         Rochester Community can Technical College is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

·         These rules, by inclusion, are a part of this Facility Use Contract.

·         Individual rentals require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for cancelation or changes to booking times, otherwise full payment is due. (Exceptions may be made for weather related events at the discretion of the Director of Sports Facilities)

·         Contract rentals require 30 days’ notice for cancelation of booking times, otherwise full payment is due. (Exceptions may be made for weather related events at the discretion of the Director of Sports Facilities)




Stadium/Bubble Scheduling Procedures

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