The Regional Sports Center was CO-developed with Rochester Community and Technical College and the City of Rochester.

Field House: An indoor Field House with a 200 meter track and four multipurpose floor courts. The Field House accounts for approximately 44,000 square feet of the total complex.

Multipurpose/ Performance Courts: A performance court area consisting of a hardwood floor for two basketball courts and fold-out bleachers for seating up to 1,500 around one court area.

Fitness Center:A 3,000 square foot fitness center space for various exercise equipment with adjacent space for free weights and weight machines for cardio equipment, circuit and weight training.

Other Features: Multipurpose Rooms/Classrooms, Team/General Locker Rooms Athletic Practice-Multipurpose Floor, Athletic Practice-Sprung Wood Floor Meeting/Conference Room; Atrium for academic and community gatherings.

Use of the Facility  

  • Beware of your surroundings and be courteous to other facility users
  • Look out for those exiting and entering the court areas
  • Prior to exiting courts, look out for track user
  • Look out for loose items coming off of courts such as basketballs, shuttlecocks, baseballs, etc.

Field House Track Hours

  • Mornings from 6 a.m. - 8 a.m. for Walking and Jogging Monday through Friday.
  • Evenings from 5 p.m. - 10 p.m for WALKING ONLY Monday through Friday.
  • Weekends are on a hit and miss basis depending on what is scheduled. If the facility is not hosting an     event or tournament the track is available for running, jogging, and walking.
  • Track hours and availability applies to all occupants, including RCTC students, faculty, and staff.

Sport Center Policies

  • The track is available for running, walking, and jogging only. No other activities are allowed on the track.
  • Proper footwear is required. No barefoot running.
  • Shirts are required at all times anywhere inside the Regional Sports Center
  • No unsupervised children. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal from the facility.
  • Facility usage is strictly limited to pre-scheduled events/renters. See below for contact information on how to reserve a court. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal from the facility
  • All RCTC Facility Policies

Rental Rates

For reservations contact:

Michael Sheggeby at 507-285-7565 or email

Mark Lawstuen at 507-280-2880 or email

Performance Court

Price Per Hour

Court A $43 plus tax
Court B $43 plus tax
Courts A & B with Bleachers $101 plus tax

Field House

Price Per Hour

Court A $33 plus tax
Court B $33 plus tax
Court C $33 plus tax
Court D $33 plus tax
All Four Courts with Bleachers

$222 plus tax

Other Rooms

Price Per Hour

Aerobics Room

$38 plus tax


$38 plus tax

All American Room

$38 plus tax


Sales Tax Rate-Rochester, MN

MN State Sales Tax
Rochester City Sales Tax
Olmsted County Transit Sales Tax
Total Tax Rate


Sport Center Hours of Operation

 Sunday - Saturday 6am-10pm






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